Production Notes

The following sources were used in conducting research and producing the documentary.

The documentary has received a Louis Wolfson Media History Center Film and Video Award. Behind Closed Doorswon an honorable mention in the Archival Productions category, and the film was honored an the annual awards ceremony in Miami Beach in May 2001.

Behind Closed Doors was shown at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival as part of the "In Our Backyards: Florida Filmmakers" screening in October 2001. The documentary was also screened at the 2002 Florida Film Festival in Orlando during June 2002. It also aired on The Education Channel in Tampa, Florida as part of the Independents' Film Festival during July 2002. Visit for more information.


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Behind Closed Doors is a documentary produced by Allyson A. Beutke, a graduate of the University of Florida. The documentary served as her creative thesis for completion of a master's degree in Mass Communication. It was completed in 2000 and is available for purchase. Please email Allyson Beutke at for more information.

The master's program in documentary production is offered through The Documentary Institute at the University of Florida.

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